My Latest Podcast with Katy Colloton of TV Land’s “Teachers.”

I’m six episodes deep into my new podcast, “The GOATcast with Ryan Patrick Dolan.” Tony Mendoza wrote my new theme music and stingers which I use for the first time in Episode 6, “Is Katy Colloton The Greatest Of All Time?

That episode also debuts a couple of fun segments and starts to hue closer to my original vision of the podcast to mix a little humor with a regular interview format. The world didn’t need another podcast, and I’m doing nothing groundbreaking. I’m borrowing elements and styles from various interview and humor shows I like: Fresh Air, WTF, The Colbert Report, the game-esque interludes you find in podcasts like my friend, Sammy Tamimi’s very entertaining “Popfury Podcast.”

All that said, I had a great time talking to Katy (pictured at top). I think the ep is very fun and funny. She’s a good sport with my new ridiculous segments. She also tells some great stories about meeting Alison Brie (Mad Men/Community), who would go on to Executive Produce “Teachers,” and her experiences auditioning in L.A for the first time, and the time she found out “Teachers” was going to get picked up by TV Land.

If you’re into theater and playwriting, check out Episode 4 with Carrie Barrett. My two-part podcast with Kate Powers provided some great insight of a TV writer who has worked their way up in the Hollywood system while working on shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Good Wife before writing for Sundance TV’s Rectify.

Please subscribe via iTunes, and follow the GOATcast with Ryan Patrick Dolan on Twitter and Facebook. I have a new logo my friend, Jorin, is finalizing, which will be up in its final iteration soon. I have some fun guests coming up including some amazing playwrights, very funny comedic performers, and in the future maybe a sportswriter or two. Also, you’ll see a lot of women represented in my podcast. The first five guests are women. So many talented female writer/actors/comedians out there that deserve to recognition.

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I Started a Podcast – First Guest Anna Carini

It’s called “The GOATcast.”

Only folks who’re GOATS are on my show.

I was going to call it “The GOAT Podcast,” but one ep it’s clear that it’s so One ep in and The GOATcast is already a GOAT so I thought limiting it with the “pod” was insufficient.

My first guest is Anna Carini. Anna is a talented actor, playwright, and screenwriter, who did theater in Chicago for a longtime before moving to LA a couple of years ago.

We talk about writing for yourself, being frustrated with the lack of roles for women being an impetus to to start writing plays, and the writing process itself.

I have a website for the podcast in the works, but for now just listen to it on the site I’m currently hosting the audio, Spreaker. As soon as you listen to it, you’re a GOAT too.

Anna Carini

Anna Carini

Anna Carini an actor, playwright and screenwrite. She is a founding member and the Artistic Director of SiNNERMAN Ensemble, a storefront theater company formed by graduates of the School at Steppenwolf in Chicago. She is now based in Los Angeles and a proud member of The Road Theatre.

Anna’s play, Sweet Confinement, won four “After Dark Awards” when it premiered in Chicago in 2008 including Outstanding New Work. The play has had three subsequent productions to date including being remounted at Chicago’s Theater On The Lake, a prestigious invitation offered to eight standout Chicago productions of the year. Two of her plays, Sweet Confinement and Facing Back, have both had readings at The Road Theatre in LA as part of their Summer Playwright’s Festival. Facing Back has also had a reading at Chicago Dramatists and was chosen by The Women’s Theater Alliance in Chicago for participation in their New Play Development Workshop. Her first short film, Bliss Blue, that she wrote, starred in and produced will soon have it’s LA premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Anna can also be seen in a recurring role on the Amazon show, Good Girls Revolt.

Do You Like Grease: The Musical, Conspiracy Theories, or The Magic Tavern?

IMG_0070My friends, Adal Rifai, and his sister, Sadieh (I mean I guess we’re friends), have a new podcast called The Siblings Peculiar (pronounced Peck-You-Lar.) They play siblings (natch) who lost their parents to the ether regions of Time & Space (or a drowning accident in their backyard pool), and are major conspiracy theorists. This week’s episode features guest is Jim Jacobs, the co-creator of the blockbuster musical “Grease.” Jim’s a dirty old man/naughty little boy.

Jim tells tantalizing stories about The Princess of York, Annette Futicello and Walt Disney, and Marilu Henner among others.  You might even hear me in a little cameo.

Adal is also one of the co-creators of the hit podcast “Hello From The Magic Tavern,” which was voted one of the best new podcasts in 2015 by iTunes and others. Seriously, you should see some the fan art they get. Hell, they even have their own reddit page. If you’re reading this you’ve probably already listened to it. If not, check it out post-haste!