Ohio University MFA Playwrights (Current)

Tyler Whidden
Catherine Weingarten
Rachel Bykowski
Cristina Luzarraga
Natasha Smith
Philana Omorotionmwan

Ohio University MFA Alumni

Anthony Ellison
Ira Gamerman
Mark Chrisler
Chantal Bilodeau
Dana Lynn Formby
Melissa Gawlowski 
Laura Jacqmin
Jacob Juntunen
Morgan Patton
Jacquelyn Reingold 
David Mitchell Robinson 
Garrett Schneider
Jeremy Sony 

Ohio University Professors:

Charles Smith
Erik Ramsey

Cool Projects and People by Friends

Hello From the Magic Tavern – 2015 Best New Podcast List – iTunes and The Guardian
The Katydids – Chicago improv group with a new TV series on TV Land
Thrifted – Five ep webisode by Dan White, Kyle Bethea, and Emma Pope

Other Cool Playwrights

Scott Barsotti
Karina Cochran
Sarah Gubbins
The Kilroys – Top Plays Written by American Women Annual List


Cool directors:

Kimberly Senior
Jason Gerace
Mary Rose O’Connor – Director of MORAINE (Settlers)
Jonathan Berry
Joanie Schultz
David Miller – Collaborator from KCACTF


Podcasts Where I Talk:

Popfury with Sammy Tamimi – June 8, 2015

Mark Colomb’s “Poor Choices” Podcast. – May 22, 2012.
Mark and I discuss who was more depressed in their 20s.

Jorin Garguilo’s “Department of Promethean Science Podcast” – April 29, 2012
Listeners voted it “Favorite scene breakdown/discussion” whatever that means. I just laugh a lot. Only comedy nerds will find it somewhat interesting. I’m boring.

Tribute to Mike Enriquez.
My former improv coach passed away in January of 2012 from cancer. He was a positive influence on a lot of people in Chicago. This was a small tribute I wrote that was recorded for The Paper Machete around January 25, 2012.