Here’s a new acting reel.

Here are some short films/commercials I’ve been in.

These first two are by Jack & Justin, who directed and wrote a lot of comedic shorts for “Funny or Die.” They are now on their own and directing a show for IFC, and represented by UTA and Principato-Young.

“My Stuff, My Stuff, Where Have Ye Gone” Part 1 – by Jack and Justin

“My Stuff, My Stuff, Where Have Ye Gone” Part 2 –  by Jack and Justin

While getting my MFA in playwriting at Ohio University, I acted in a few grad student films. This is an outtake reel from Luke Porst’s “You Drive Me Crazy,” where I play Katie Eichler’s obnoxious British boss at a fashion magazine. It’s dumb.

Below is a monologue I improvised for OU MFA filmmaker Vinay Choudary in spring 2015 for his film “Easy Mel.”

Below are a couple of commercials I’ve done.


Rhode Island Lottery

Bluegrass Cellular

Finally, this is a very dark show by my improv group, Pudding-Thank-You (picture above in the H&M white suits.. Improv is never as good, and I can’t stand watching myself, so maybe it’s horrible.)