My Latest Podcast with Katy Colloton of TV Land’s “Teachers.”

I’m six episodes deep into my new podcast, “The GOATcast with Ryan Patrick Dolan.” Tony Mendoza wrote my new theme music and stingers which I use for the first time in Episode 6, “Is Katy Colloton The Greatest Of All Time?

That episode also debuts a couple of fun segments and starts to hue closer to my original vision of the podcast to mix a little humor with a regular interview format. The world didn’t need another podcast, and I’m doing nothing groundbreaking. I’m borrowing elements and styles from various interview and humor shows I like: Fresh Air, WTF, The Colbert Report, the game-esque interludes you find in podcasts like my friend, Sammy Tamimi’s very entertaining “Popfury Podcast.”

All that said, I had a great time talking to Katy (pictured at top). I think the ep is very fun and funny. She’s a good sport with my new ridiculous segments. She also tells some great stories about meeting Alison Brie (Mad Men/Community), who would go on to Executive Produce “Teachers,” and her experiences auditioning in L.A for the first time, and the time she found out “Teachers” was going to get picked up by TV Land.

If you’re into theater and playwriting, check out Episode 4 with Carrie Barrett. My two-part podcast with Kate Powers provided some great insight of a TV writer who has worked their way up in the Hollywood system while working on shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Good Wife before writing for Sundance TV’s Rectify.

Please subscribe via iTunes, and follow the GOATcast with Ryan Patrick Dolan on Twitter and Facebook. I have a new logo my friend, Jorin, is finalizing, which will be up in its final iteration soon. I have some fun guests coming up including some amazing playwrights, very funny comedic performers, and in the future maybe a sportswriter or two. Also, you’ll see a lot of women represented in my podcast. The first five guests are women. So many talented female writer/actors/comedians out there that deserve to recognition.

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I Have a Commercial Agent

I’m supposed to like promote myself on my website, right? I’m in L.A. now. That’s a thing to do?

I’ve had a commercial agent for a couple of months, and he’s great. Tim at Activity Talent. I’m going on lots of auditions, and was put on hold for a national spot last week (didn’t land it wompwomp.)

Tim at Activity Talent:

So after three years of writing plays, I’m back doing the acting thing. SAG Eligible. L.A., baby.

The GOAT – My New Podcast

BW-GOAT-LOGOWell, at least one ep of a new podcast. I was in Chicago last week, and I took over Sammy Tamimi’s podcast for one episode (The GOAT). He’s kindly had me on before (Ep. 60). He’s now done 150. Sammy combines a normal interview podcast of folks in, around, and from Chicago’s improv scene, with his love of Pop Culture.

I flipped the podcast table (There isn’t one. No, wait, it might be a milk crate), and interviewed Sammy. This is a VERY CONTROVERSIAL podcast (you should have SEEN Facebook) as Sammy cringed at my use of the word “slave”(I mean it’s in the common vernacular…you should listen to him talk about Detroit), talking off-the-cuff about various improv theaters, but mostly it’s exploration of a guy who’s been doing improv since the late 90s and seen and been apart of a lot of cool stuff.

The podcast is called The GOAT (buried the lede), and it’s the Greatest Of All Time podcasts. I hope to start doing this on the reg in L.A. with folks from all walks of life. Or I won’t, and you’ll never hear about it again.

New Plays Uploaded On My Site

I’ve uploaded some new short plays I’ve been writing in grad school up on my site. We write and put up five minute plays once a week. I’ve added the majority of the titles, and a few of the scripts. I’ll continue to upload some more in the coming weeks.

I also have created a page at the awesome new playwrights’ website: The New Playwright’s Exchange by the National New Play Network.

You can always read my work at

12970987_10205928004535321_7876089267857788626_oAlso, I saw Hamilton this week. It’s the best thing I’ll see in a theater.



Moraine is “Reader Recommended” by The Chicago Reader!

R readerIn case you’re wondering, a moraine is a heap of earth and stones carried and deposited by a glacier. But there’s also ample deeper meaning within Ryan Patrick Dolan’s new play, which follows four friends dealing with a fifth friend’s cancer treatment. As comics like Julia Sweeney and Tig Notaro have shown, the devastating disease can still be funny, and Dolan’s got the smarts to avoid wallowing in sadness. In turn, director Mary Rose O’Connor has the smarts to involve a brilliant cast, several of whom are improvisers trained in the ancient art of actually listening and responding onstage. As Mark, a bro trying to keep things as they’ve always been, Caleb Fullen pushes hard to find depth and humor in a character who could be all too unlikable. The result is the opposite of glacial.—Chloe Riley

We have two more weekends left and close on Saturday the 18th.

Buy tickets on Brown Paper Tickets!

Check out MORAINE’s website.