Chicago Theater is Awesome #593

3031-300x300So, a friend I know through improv, wrote this article about a friend I know through theater.

My buddy John Wilson built an outdoor theater in his backyard a couple of years ago. It’s primarily used for fundraisers for theaters, and readings and whatnot. Admission is never charged. Basically, during the summer, it’s a totally, laid-back, social and artistic gem.

You’d expect this type of thing in Brooklyn, but everyone would be trying to hard to be cool and someone would want to surround it with GMA-free plants and it’d make you hate humanity. This just happened organically, because John used to host lots of get together’s, and is also a scenic designer, and one day this idea just came to him. When it’s warm, people like to hang outside. Since theater people do their work indoors mostly, this is a nice alternative.

Anyways check out the New City article. I’m sure the city government of Chicago will try to shut it down, because they try to ruin everything, but hopefully they just mind their own fucking business and set up more speed trap cameras around the city.