Athens Post Article on OU’s Madness Shows

There was a nice write up in the Athens Post today about the weekly shows the playwrights write and produce called “Madness.” Each playwright writes a 5 minute play based on a prompt given that Monday by the producing playwright.

It’s almost always in our Hahne Black Box Theater, and we never have lighting design, because the lighting classes change it every week for their classes. We usually only have a full wash. Well, for our first Madness, Brick Monkey Theater Ensemble, was running a production of “Grounded.” So we did our show on the set, and got to use the existing lighting design of Michael Lincoln, head of the theater program and Ohio University, who also does lighting design on Broadway and all over the country. One feature of the lighting design was that the playing stage could be broken up into 9 squares, like a tic-tac-toe board.


The prompt by producing playwright, Neal Adelman, was “Use Your Damn Hands.” I was trying to think of a way to use the prompt but also play with the lighting design since we never get to. I came up with the cycle of relationship that started with strangers looking up at Mars & Venus and then playing Twister during a Halloween party.

Click on “PostMadness” to read the PDF of the article, “Right Hand Red” that featured actors Constance Sabo and Connor Baker.

Also here is an accompanying video news clip about two minutes long that shows rehearsals and tech for several plays including mine while the head of program, Charles Smith, is interviewed about.