The GOAT – My New Podcast

BW-GOAT-LOGOWell, at least one ep of a new podcast. I was in Chicago last week, and I took over Sammy Tamimi’s podcast for one episode (The GOAT). He’s kindly had me on before (Ep. 60). He’s now done 150. Sammy combines a normal interview podcast of folks in, around, and from Chicago’s improv scene, with his love of Pop Culture.

I flipped the podcast table (There isn’t one. No, wait, it might be a milk crate), and interviewed Sammy. This is a VERY CONTROVERSIAL podcast (you should have SEEN Facebook) as Sammy cringed at my use of the word “slave”(I mean it’s in the common vernacular…you should listen to him talk about Detroit), talking off-the-cuff about various improv theaters, but mostly it’s exploration of a guy who’s been doing improv since the late 90s and seen and been apart of a lot of cool stuff.

The podcast is called The GOAT (buried the lede), and it’s the Greatest Of All Time podcasts. I hope to start doing this on the reg in L.A. with folks from all walks of life. Or I won’t, and you’ll never hear about it again.