DADDY’S LITTLE GIRLS accepted into KCACTF. Also new 10-minute play added to the site

Right Hand, Red

My 10-minute play, DADDY’S LITTLE GIRLS, was accepted to the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival – Region 2 (KCACTF). The regional festival takes place in Cleveland from January 2 -6, 2015. The region consists of nine different states in the Northeast part of the country. Six were chosen. Two of those six will go onto the national KCACTF in Washington, DC in the spring.

I also just added a new play, RIGHT HAND, RED, to my plays page. We did our first Madness on the set of Brick Monkey Theater Ensemble’s production of George Brant’s GROUNDED. The set was designed by the head of Ohio’s Theater Division, Michael Lincoln. Michael does light design for Broadway and regional theaters. He had an amazing light design which lit up 9 different cubes from above. We never have such cool lighting so I wrote a piece that could utilize it for the week we had access to it. The two pictures in the post are from rehearsal for that piece that were taken by the Athens Post photographer. My actors were Connor Baker and Constance Sabo.

The picture below was the final image of the play. It was super fun to have a cool lighting design that we were able to write to. Usually, we don’t have that. And when we’re writing five and ten minute plays, we don’t make them technically crazy because most theaters won’t be able to do it. It can also be hard to read and understand with all the stage directions. With the pics, I think it’s a lot easier for the reader to visualize. Since it’s so specialized, it probably won’t ever be produced outside of our Madness workshop, but it’s one of my favorites.