DADDY’S LITTLE GIRLS Named KCACTF National Semi-Finalist

My 10-minute play, DADDY’S LITTLE GIRLS, was one of six 10-minute plays accepted to Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival Region 2, which just took place in Cleveland. In the closing ceremonies, it was named one of the two National Semi-Finalists from our region.

There will be a total of 16 KCACTF National Semi-Finalists. Four of those will be invited to Washington, D.C. for the national KCACTF in April.

Below is a pic of me (on the left), my director David A. Miller (right), and my cast.

KCACTF Daddy's Little Girls Cast


DADDY’S LITTLE GIRLS was created for one of our “Madness” shows at Ohio University. That show was produced by Tyler Whidden, and were given the prompt “Coffin Block.” Coffin Block’s are long rectangular blocks that we use in our black box theater to use as benches, car seats, etc. I had my sisters jump on the “bed,” comprised of the coffin blocks, to start the play. Read the play by clicking on the title: DADDY’S LITTLE GIRLS.