Beg for Forgiveness Later

Usually, I just use this blog to announce theater things. I’ve got so much to get off my chest, by chest, I mean shoulders, because that’s where most of my tension goes. I’m approaching my last semester in grad school. I’ve got upcoming deadlines. Deadlines for deadlines for Deadlines. Research to do about things to […]



Moraine is “Reader Recommended” by The Chicago Reader! In case you’re wondering, a moraine is a heap of earth and stones carried and deposited by a glacier. But there’s also ample deeper meaning within Ryan Patrick Dolan’s new play, which follows four friends dealing with a fifth friend’s cancer treatment. As comics like Julia Sweeney and […]


I posted this on the webpage of my new play, “Moraine.” I’m reposting it here. Don’t ask to read something that’s not finished. Don’t give someone a play to read that’s not finished. Don’t listen to anyone. Don’t tune anyone out. Don’t self-produce. Don’t approach a playwright to do his new play. Don’t try to […]

“Daddy’s Little Girls” Nominated for National Partners of American Theatre Playwriting Award

In conjunction with the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF), Dolan’s 10-minute play, “Daddy’s Little Girls,” garnered him one of the eight nominations for the National Partners of American Theatre Playwriting Award which recognizes “best-written, best-crafted script with the strongest writer’s “voice.”” There is one nominee from the combined submissions for 10-minute, one-act, and full-length plays […]

DADDY’S LITTLE GIRLS Named KCACTF National Semi-Finalist

My 10-minute play, DADDY’S LITTLE GIRLS, was one of six 10-minute plays accepted to Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival Region 2, which just took place in Cleveland. In the closing ceremonies, it was named one of the two National Semi-Finalists from our region. There will be a total of 16 KCACTF National Semi-Finalists. Four of […]

DADDY’S LITTLE GIRLS accepted into KCACTF. Also new 10-minute play added to the site

My 10-minute play, DADDY’S LITTLE GIRLS, was accepted to the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival – Region 2 (KCACTF). The regional festival takes place in Cleveland from January 2 -6, 2015. The region consists of nine different states in the Northeast part of the country. Six were chosen. Two of those six will go onto the national […]

New short play on site.

I uploaded my new short play MARGARITA ON THE ROCKS, which I put up last night at Madness. The theme this week was “Desperation.” Download it from my playwriting page. Or read it here (PDF): Margarita on the Rocks.

I added plays to download on my site.

We’ve discussed in one our seminars about adding short plays to our site. You always have a distant fear that someone will co-op something as their own. But really, it’s better to have your work available for people to read, especially if you’re sending a full-length out and someone wants to know more about your […]